Since it’s inception in the 1990s, Business Process Outsourcing has grown to become a serious stand-alone business in its own right with annual revenue $24+ bln. This exponential growth is the most authentic testament to the fact that BPO creates value for its customers.

Modern companies must continuously assess how to achieve high performance.  One of the key levers available is the mix of in-house vs external supply.  Companies increasingly seek to retain in-house those functions which provide competitive differentiation in their markets and outsource activities which are not their core competencies. 

In our offer of comprehensive BPO services across multiple functions and processes, we focus on the following working principles:

Working principles

Driving transformation and delivering tangible business outcomes through business process outsourcing is Severstal SSC priority.

In our offer of comprehensive BPO services across multiple functions and processes, we focus on the following working principles:
Client centricity
  • Place the client business priorities at the center to build trust and partnership, not just a buyer/seller, SLA based relationship
  • Focus on service value orientation
End-to-end BPO scope
  • Take a holistic multi-functional approach to the scope of the BPO relations
  • Target cross-enterprise scoping to deliver dramatic results
Skilled professionals
  • Deliver services by Business advisors - highly skilled professionals with functional / industry expertise
  • Ongoing investment in talent management resulting in a positive environment that inspires innovation and commitment
Value beyond cost
  • Focus on benefits beyond costs reduction: margin optimization; working capital optimization; compliance & control improvement
  • Deliver advanced end-to-end services, such as analytics, not just better
Collaborative BPO governance
  • Adopt partnership-based approach
  • Ensure seamless transition with strong PMO support
  • Be the change agent
  • Stay close to the Client while optimizing capabilities
Technology as a business enabler
  • Leverage technology innovations and collaboration tools
  • Enable improved decision support through analytics
  • Ensure automated driven efficiency
Utilizing specialized BPO partner allows value to be achieved in the following ways:
Return on BPO effects realization:
  • Transition to BPO within the agreed timeframe
  • Benefits realization – starting from the transition point
Flexibility depending on business scale changes
  • Services scoping defined as per business priorities
Decision making support
  • Access to insights derived from structured business analytics (in case if this is included in service scope)
Costs Optimization
  • Costs optimization with the focus on FTEs and infrastructure
Focus on Value Adding Tasks
  • Employees’ time and focus redistribution in the favor of value adding activities
  • Outsourcing of transactional activities
Access to Best Practices
  • Application of proven solutions and mature methodology from industry and functional perspectives

The interaction between Severstal SSC and the Client starts with the assessment of Client’s current situation and the business case


Severstal SSC sees transition excellence as a critical ingredient for a successful BPO arrangement. The quaility of transition execution will define ...


Service Delivery is a dynamic process under which we strive for continous improvement over time.