Severstal SSC is dedicated to transforming business operations.
Delivering tangible business outcomes for Clients is our priority.
We understand that our Clients are looking for practical and efficient solutions to address their challenges.
We help our Clients to take their business performance to the next level.

Our services include:


In the list of Finance domains, which are seen as typical for mature Finance function, we create additional values through:


Core HR service packages can be complemented with self-service capabilities aimed to enhance the service satisfaction level for internal clients (companies’ employees).

In our offer of comprehensive BPO services across multiple functions and processes, we focus on the following working principles:
Client centricity
End-to-end BPO scope
Skilled professionals
Value beyond cost
Collaborative BPO governance
Technology as a business enabler


We understand that our clients are looking for practical solutions to address their challenges. To meet this demand, we are investing in the development of new expertise and services to meet these challenges.